Saturday, October 14, 2006

FOSS people never ceases to amaze!

Just when you think there can't be anything stranger, then some people stand up to openly defy everything the corporate giants believes in.

For a while now we have had the privilege to see the tremendous grow of FOSS, like OpenOffice, Firefox, and a few other movers and shakers that rocked the software world.

But how about going at it the wrong way? Like Underground Linux? Just have a look at the packages included to give you a general idea of what this distro is all about (if the name didn't give it away):

  • X.Org 7.1
  • KDE 3.5.4 (most modules, including Kontact)
  • 2.0.3
  • K3b 0.12.17
  • Firefox
  • Ktorrent 2.0.2
  • Kmplayer 0.9.3-pre2
  • Streamtuner 0.99.99 (browser for internet radio stations)
  • DVDRipOMatic 0.95 (DVD-to-XviD ripping tool)
  • Easy network configuration, with wifi support (see docs)
  • Fixes in printing support
  • HP printing drivers
  • Fixes/improvements in the look and feel

Now I have nothing personally against people distributing this, but isn't it a bit stupid to go out seek trouble? That is like branding this distro as "I'm a pirate/underground Linux user". Why on earth would someone go and do something so blatant? ring a bell anyone?

The same tools are available for any other distro, but they do not openly advocate it. Download it, use it, become a dev and help them out but for the love of sanity why go out and openly look for trouble?

The hacker distros have cleverly coupled themselves with security, naming themselves stuff like "Inside Security Rescue Toolkit" and like all the rest here, and there is something most of us can learn from this. Make your distro "friendly" do not go out and look for confrontation, or you're going to get it...

Really, sometimes the FOSS community have the foresight of a 16 year old high on testosterone.

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