Sunday, October 08, 2006


If only I had enough time to do everything I liked to do...

There is still no mayor update on the gaming front since I have really not had any time to play and test some new games, but maybe the next month or so will be a turning point, anyone wanna help me out here?

What I have been testing out lately is the multimedia capabilities of Linux, i.e. the recording, editing and writing of video and music files (sermons of over 400Mb per track).

What really put me off is that it seems that Audacity seems to have taken a step backwards.
Nothing wrong with the recording, but the effects lack allot! For example, I could not get the default "amplify" plug-in to do anything, and the noise removal plug-in is useless! In the end I had to install all the 3rd party plug-ins to get the job done and 5 hours later I still could not get rid of that irritating "hiss". No fun at all...

This led me to search for a better alternative, and up until now I have yet to find one. What is sorely lacking is the ability for audio editors to import WAV, filter it and then be able to edit out the unwanted noise (hiss, click, etc.)

Sweep seems nice, although I cannot figure out how to get the above mentioned functions working in it. Maybe a little RTM would help?

Maybe someone in the Linux multimedia dev. section should take a look at GoldWave (still my favourite audio editing app in Windows) and try do get something similar in Linux. Come to think of it, all we really need is some very decent plug-ins for Audacity and all will be bliss!

Someone, take up the challenge and give us user friendly plug-ins to correct our mistakes!

On the other hand, the video editing software really amazed me since I last used it in early 2006. Kino has come of age and Kdenlive, Cinelerra and Avidemux make for a complete solution! What more could an amateur need?

Even creating the DVD is a cinch with QDVDauthor and Kmediafactory.

Go on, try them, absolutely stunning!

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