Saturday, February 12, 2011

Top 10 list 2011

It has been a couple of years since I last reviewed my "Top 10 list" of Linux applications, so let's have a go at it again and see what has changed and why.

1. Music player - MP3Blaster
Web browser - Firefox
3. CD/DVD burning application - K3B
4. Video player - Kaffeine
5. Image editor - Gimp
6. BitTorrent client - Ktorrent
7. IRC client - Xchat / irssi
8. Terminal application - Yakuake
9. Image viewer - Eye of GNOME
10. text editor - Nano

1. Music player - none
I cannot remember when last I listened to a song on the PC, months, years ago. I do not even have a music player installed, the closest to one is probably VLC. I do, however, use MP3Blaster on occasion for work to play sound files over ssh, but that is not on my desktop PC.

Web browser - Firefox
Google Chrome has been around for a while and I did grow fond of it, but there are just too many bugs still to recommend it. I have some issues with YouTube videos, ironic, I know, and Firefox handles plug-ins and extensions just that little better. So, I'm partial towards Firefox, but only just. Chrome IS going to launch a full system take-over on my desktop any time now...

3. CD/DVD burning application - K3B
Can't beat the best of the best, so yea, K3B it is.

4. Video player - VLC
Kaffeine made place for VLC and this is pretty much the only media player I ever use.

5. Image editor - The Gimp
Again, Gimp just stays at the top for the moment. Don't think that spot is not being contested, no sir, there are some serious alternatives on the rise.
Well, sort of.
You see, The Gimp is a complete solution, giving you everything you could ever need and shake a stick at for your graphical needs, the alternatives that are giving The Gimp a run for it's money, on the other hand, are application specific, for the lack of a better word, like F-Spot for photo manipulation, Krita and MyPaint for image creation/manipulation.
So far The Gimp still comes out tops for me.

6. BitTorrent client - none
I do not use torrents any more, but rather news servers, and if you need a good news server client, then sabnzbd is the way to go.

7. IRC client - none
I do not use IRC any more, it has been ages since last I logged in to any IRC server, I'm not that chatty any more...

8. Terminal application - Yakuake for KDE and Gnome Terminal for Openbox
When I run Openbox I want as little KDE dependence as I possibly can have. Yea, I have a thing against the recent plasma libs and kde libs that chews my resources...

9. Image viewer - Eye of GNOME
Not much to choose from here, either choose GTK based viewer or KDE based viewer... for now Eye of Gnome is doing what it must.

10. Text editor - Nano
I still use this editor almost every single day, this is one must have for me, and I do everything with nano, from coding simple scripts to building websites, awesome editor, not too complex and certainly not too much of a ligthweight.

Well, seems like age is catching up and I do not "play" on Linux any more, I need it for day-to-day work...

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