Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top 10 lists...

In general I hate these "top 10" lists, but this one I found today caught my eye since it is very practical, nothing fancy, just the "what you need" to get the most out of your everyday relaxation on Linux.

10 Essential Linux Applications for Daily Use

Mine is quite similar with only a few differences:
1. Music player - MP3Blaster
Web browser - Firefox
3. CD/DVD burning application - K3B
4. Video player - Kaffeine
5. Image editor - Gimp
6. BitTorrent client - Ktorrent
7. IRC client - Xchat / irssi
8. Terminal application - Yakuake
9. Image viewer - Eye of GNOME
10. text editor - Nano

Basically the same, now go have some fun exploring your own favourites!

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