Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Warzone 2100

So the time has come to give you a review of a strategy game, so brace yourself, get the strategy guides and let blow this joint!

Upon starting the game it looks a bit on the lean side and with only a 20Mb download it doesn't sound too promising.

You setup your display, sound and whatnot and then click the single player campaign. It starts of and the tempo is very slow, so slow that I would think most players would discard the game right there and then, but keep at it, unlock new tech, fight more enemies, it will slowly pick up pace and sooner or later you will be hard pressed to keep everything under control!

This game reminded me allot of the earlier Red Alert games, the GFX is not mind blowing, but it is not that bad either. As strategy games go your only objective is to build a stronger and better army by unlocking different tech upgrades through artifacts that you discover or take over from the enemy. There is very little resource gathering to be done, in fact you only need to build a power plant and oil dereks and that is that. As far as I could figure out after 2 weeks of playing it there is no way to really boost your energy so that it doesn't run out in later missions, a constant nuisance when faced with annihilation and no more tanks can be produced since there is no more or very little power. Secret? Don't just throw your army at the enemy, fight smartly and sparingly and constantly upgrade your forces and repair them for that day of reckoning!

You start out with only your worker trucks and a basic machine gun tank, however as you progress you can unlock the most awesome hovercraft tanks and even cyborgs!

So in short, build your base, research a lot of tech, build your army, strengthen your base and kill the enemy, that about sums it up...

The longer you play the more fun it becomes since you very quickly realize that the enemy is always a tech step ahead of you, showing you what you could expect on the next artifact upgrade, what exactly is the ultimate weapon of this game? Ask me in a few months time since it gets almost impossible in the latter stages to complete the missions!

Quite a punch for a 20Mb download!
Great fun!

Build up that base!

And finally you will have your research center, command center, factory and power plant, now lets fight!

See that plume of smoke above one of the tanks? Evidence of a skirmish! Truck also on it's way to build an oil derek.


Whoa! Transport missions, cool! Just keep and eye on that mission timer, the transport can only carry 10 units at a time and it takes some time for the reinforcements to arrive!

Badda BOOM! Another one bites the dust! Yup, you saw it, your tanks can gather experience and rank making them, well, leet?

Do not neglect those base defenses! Some surprise party might land nearby and give you a whoopin!


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