Friday, March 23, 2007

Last few fishing memories...

I ended my fishing vacation with a trip to a nearby town with a lovely caravan park next to the river.

At first it seemed as if there was nothing noteworthy in these waters (first time I fished them), but then someone pointed me to a nearby dam wall about 5km along a dirt road. I spend most of the first few hours wondering what was so special about this spot, it is beautiful, abundant wildlife, deep enough and seems like there is plenty of fish, but none of my attempts were greeted with enthusiasm by the fish!

Here there be dragons!

After about three hours of enjoying the scenery, the fish suddenly started feeding and it was a frenzy! Almost all our rods (4 in total) went on the run at once! And after failing to land a few and switching to heavier gear, we soon realized "there be dragons here!"

Monsters I tell you, the smallest carp I caught was 3kg, the largest well over 8kg. Some of the fish were so strong that I couldn't land them, they would just take the line and head south for the winter, no stopping them. One of the rods got pulled into the water and I had to go swimming after it.

As if on cue the fish stopped feeding and was dead quiet! Just goes to show how important it is to know your gear and be able to get it back in the water as quickly as possible! The feeding time was from 17:00 to about 19:00. I spend a bit of time in the night (till 21:00) but no pick-ups what so ever. I called it the day after finally understanding the heartbeat of this great pool! Get here early, before sunrise, and then again as the sun sets. I confirmed this with some park rangers and they also told me the same.

What an experience, I will definitely visit these waters again and next time I will put out a boily to see what monsters I can land!

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