Friday, January 19, 2007


My initial thoughts on the latest release (Big Daddy 0.93a) was a bit mixed...

I installed it on the previous test machine only to be greeted by a Nvidia error, the "nv" driver that was selected by the setup did not work at all!

I had to manually choose "vesa" to get the Live CD to work and after the installation I had to manually configure /etc/X11/xorg.conf to get X to function.

For a user with a little knowledge this is no biggie, but it is a far cry from the ease of use of the previous versions I tried!

That prompted me to try it on the laptop to see if there are similar errors on the SiS graphics, and here it worked flawlessly! I liked it so much that I sacrificed Gentoo on the laptop for PCLinuxOS. Just goes to show how much I like it...

The installation has changed little from previous versions, but I'll try and get a very nice review done on this (as before).

So, set the dice rolling, will PCLinuxOS stay on the laptop or will I eventually revert back to Gentoo... I think it has a pretty good chance to stay right where it is!

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