Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Ok so I just discovered Beryl and it rocks!

Beryl is a fork of Compiz with very much the same features and some more. You have probably already seen the screenshots on various Linux forums.

I never tried Compiz since many people reported it a mission to get going in KDE and I absolutely hate Gnome, so I never tried it. Beryl on the other hand is very easy to install and it works superbly with KDE!

Read through the Wiki, install it and enjoy the wobbly windows, rain on the desktop and whatnot!

The cubed box desktop effect.

Wobbly windows! Notice the red emerald in the systray, yup, that is Beryl.

Look closely in the Konsole window and you will see the "mouse cursor on water" effect!

The "rain on desktop" effect.

Invert all colour!

Invert current window colour only.

There is much more options to exploit, I just quickly took these few screenshots to wet the appetite.
Quickly now, install it and enjoy the eye-candy!

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