Thursday, November 02, 2006

Laying low...

Well, the last few weeks have been quite uneventful, a few distros gets released every now and then, but nothing mayor to get one excited.

Even on the general Linux side things have been quiet, everyone just waiting out the storm of the season as we draw closer to Christmas.

What we are looking forward to is:
The new Linux kernel

KDE4 has been anticipated as one of the all time great updates of the Linux DE world since ever. However we know precious little of what is waiting for us, except that in the light of Windows Vista's release later this year/ next year we all hope and wish it to be a really awesome improvement over everything we are so used to. Here's hoping we are not disappointed!

The new Linux kernel, well now there's a though one. I have cracked my noodle thinking of what would be an improvement, but right now the kernel is as user friendly and complete as ever. How are the kernel devs going to improve on almost perfection? What new feature could possibly be added to herald in a new kernel era? I'm dying to see what would happen in the next few months for Linux, we are all expecting great things to come!

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